How Was It Done?

We often see great images, shown during competitions and other club events, which prompt the question, ‘How did the photographer create that?’ In this section, we feature some of those images which members have asked about; discussing both the technical and composition aspects that went into the making of a great picture.


‘Fritillary’ Geoffrey Cowley


Original RAW image

Final processed image










Camera; Canon EOS 7Dmk2
Lens; Canon100mm F2.8 macro lens (the old one)
ISO; 1600
Exposure; 1/3200 @ F9
Hand held

The image was taken on a fairly bright and very warm summer morning in the Ardeche in France. There were numerous insects on a recently planted bed of native flowers – mostly lavender. I wanted to capture the underneath of the butterfly so I spent quite a long time on my knees whilst being wary of the flight-paths of the many bees.

The lens was new to me and I was playing with it hence what I would consider to be unusual settings, i.e. fast speed and high ISO.

I worked the RAW image in Lightroom, basically adjusting the temperature, lightening the shadows and increasing the whites, clarity and saturation.